The ABC’s Of Me

Hello Blog-readers,

Like the title? It’s the name of the song I wrote last night & it seemed an appropriate title for my maiden blog. The term ‘the abc’s of me’ I heard Kevin Smith use a few times in his podcast called smodcast which just so happens to be the best god-damn podcast around. Basically, it means “The basic info you need to know about me.” He seemed to like to use it in the context of telling a possible suitress that “These are the abc’s of me & if you don’t like it, fuck off.” Seemed like an interesting premise for a song (which ended up straying from the point just about as much as this blog is). At any rate, do yourself a favour and check Kevins podcast out. For those of you un-familiar with Kevin Smith, he is ‘Silent-Bob’ from ‘Mall-Rats’ & ‘Silent-Bob & Jay Strike Back’ among others. Besides that fact, he has written & directed many great films such as the two I just mentioned,  ‘Clerks’, ‘Dogma’ & many more. More so than this, his pod-cast consists of Kevin casually chatting with his  friend Scott Mosier about whatever the hell pops into their heads, sounds boring right? It’s not, these two just have a natural humour to them & it often causes me to laugh uncontrollably. So if you’re ‘podcast-urally’ inclined, have a listen. (Especially great for long road trips.)

I sense you posturing silently and suspiciously that I may be on the take from the fat man himself (Kevin Smith) never fear, I am not. This blog has simply meandered inevitably onto whatever topic it chose. It has, however on it’s own merits led me to a topic which has been popping it’s head up a lot for me lately & that is helping people. This excellent blog mentions it & I think I believe in it. Kevin Smith has an excellent podcast & although he doesn’t need my help to plug it, I do it without expectation of reward. In the same way that the link I posted just above points out you should help people with no expectation of reward, I link to that blog with no expectation of reward. It’s a nice thought really, & an even nicer feeling when you do it. Try it today, do something nice for someone, hell if you’re feeling adventurous do two nice things. But do it with no expectation of what you might gain out of it. I guarantee you will get something out of it ;)

I have many blogs I intend to write which are actually about stuff, as in ‘they have a topic’ unlike todays blog which is entirely rant-tastic but I am too damn tired to have done any of those tonight (It’s 5am for flarns sake).  Instead, I’ll attach a poll to this blog where you can vote on what you would like to read about next.

So have a vote on the poll and/or drop me a comment if this blog stimulates any thoughts or feelings within you.

Until next time,

I’ve been Stanmore Phoenix, & you’ve been awesome.


5 Responses to “The ABC’s Of Me”

  1. musiciansgirl Says:

    country music festival wasn’t a total fail…we had a damn good trip imo!!

  2. This is GREAT man, easy to read, entertaining…I love the interactivity at the end by having people vote on your next topic. Genius, genius, genius…

    Thanks for the links by the way :)

    Dave Huffman
    The Indie Launch Pad

    • No problems my man, you deserve them for having a great blog & being a genuinely helpful guy. I’ll be sending an email your way soon too. I’ve been doing lots of thinking, planning & mud-mapping.

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