What Would Social Media Look Like?

Imagine faces on the inside... You can do it!

When I magine what social media would look like, it’s like this:

Imagine a big sphere of faces all looking inwards at each other.

When someone posts something, they float awkwardly towards the middle, put on an air of self confidence  (most likely) & make their announcement.

Everyone can see them doing this but sometimes no-one floats forward to respond.

Sometimes someone more popular floats forward to say something & the less popular updated gets cutoff…

Of course the difference is that in social media, that poor lonely person can’t see everyone staring at them while they float awkwardly in the middle of the sphere & the faces in the sphere don’t have to look them in the eye while make their even more awkward retreat & float back to their spot.

When I wrote this I mainly had networks like Facebook & Twitter in mind & only the users. It gets infinitely more complicated when you start to consider the admins & ads & stuff. Then if you think about sites like YouTube, which in a way is social media, it would be a different scene altogether, what with trolls & flamers. It would be pretty funny though.

Anyways, that’s my thought of the day, hope you have some nice ones.

Drop me a comment if you feel like floating awkwardly out to meet me in the middle of the sphere.

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