Now Accepting Pre-Orders For My Debut Album

Needs A Re-String o_O

I begin tracking my first ever full length album tomorrow 06/10/2011.

According to marketing experts I should give you the spiel about this fantastic opportunity I have for you. But fuck that, I’m just gonna be real with you, because that’s what I believe in when it comes down to it… The truth is that this IS a cool chance for you to take advantage of a limited offer & be a part of what I believe will be a very cool full length album, BUT it’s a two way street & you will be helping me in the process.

Bottom line: I need your help. This album is not going to pay for itself & I am not signed to any major label, I don’t have any financial backers. Just you, my listener, my fan, my family & friend. But I’m not asking for handouts, oh no, you will be getting something great in return for your contribution & what you get will depend on how much you choose to invest. Recording a full length album professionally is not cheap, but every bit of cash helps me make it that extra bit special. You will see from the pricing structure below that the prices are very reasonable & once the album is done, there will not be much profit made on these pre-sales, just extra money to fund the damn album!

Before I get into the pricing structure, let me ask you a quick question… Did you ever have a favourite band/artist & then one day they broke up/quit? How much does it suck? Well here is my promise to you: I will never quit. Regardless of bands I may join / create, I will always be a singer/songwriter, it’s in my blood. So make ME your favourite artist & we can evolve & grow old together :)

I have a PayPal account setup so all pre-orders will be invoiced & you can be sure there will be no funny business.

As if you wouldn't trust this face anyway though right?

Here is the price breakdown

1) $20 gets you a Pre-order of the album in mp3 format plus the e-booklet as it will be sold on iTunes. That’s a minimum of ten tracks, but that’s not all. You will also get the b-side tracks which don’t make the album (& may never be publicly released EVER) You will receive the album ahead of the official launch date, how far ahead I’m not sure, but I’ll put it this way, there is no set launch date but I guarantee you will get it as soon as it is ready which will be before the end of 2011 and probably atleast a month ahead of the launch. But there’s still more (no steak knives) I’m also throwing in free entry to my next charged performance.

2) $40 gets you the above PLUS a signed copy of the physical CD with full artwork/lyrics posted to your door & a cool sticker. Plus a copy of my soon-to-be out-of-print EP from 2009.

3) $60 gets you the above PLUS a limited edition t-shirt featuring the album artwork also posted to your door, as well as a personal Thankyou in the liner notes of the record.

4) $150 gets you the above PLUS I will PERSONALLY deliver all items to your door & play the whole album live for you in your living room / backyard / dungeon. Full PA supplied!

5) $300 gets you the above PLUS I will play for a minimum of three hours. I’ll play any of my own songs from my catalogue of over 60 original songs or any covers I know or can learn (time permitting). This will be like a launch party at your house, invite your friends & we will have a super fun happy time. & you also get an EXTRA SPECIAL Thankyou in the liner notes.

6) $500 gets you the above PLUS I will write an original song about whatever you like & record it as a home studio production. I will also learn a cover song of your choice & record it for YouTube dedicated to you. Ontop of all that, you will be immortalised on a secret track on the album where you will be mentioned by name. & just to show you my gratitude for being a top tier supporter, I will give you three one hour guitar lessons (unless you’re a better guitarist than me). If you just want to buy more than one copy of the album, let me know & I can arrange something.

All prices are in AU dollars.

If you would like to make a pre-order, drop me a comment below or on any of my sites – Facebook or Twitter or even good old fashioned email –

You have to live within an hour or two of the Sydney CBD for the ones where I travel to your house. Although, if you’re really keen then let me know & I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement.

So there you have it, it will mean so much to me if I mean enough to you for you to make a pre-order at any of the available tiers. & if you know anyone who might be interested, please do share this post with them.

Here is a link to a demo of one of the songs which will most likely make the album. Distant Beaches, It’s the only song being considered for the album which I have released a demo for. All the rest is being kept tightly under wraps :) But don’t worry, this is the only song over 5 minutes ;)

Any questions or comments let me know.

Much love,

– Ryan


2 Responses to “Now Accepting Pre-Orders For My Debut Album”

  1. Jade Young Says:

    Hello Hello! is it too late for me to pre-order number 2!?
    and how…do i pay for this?? :)

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