A Brief Introduction

I received some feedback that my first blog ‘The ABC’s Of Me’ didn’t really tell you anything much about me & I had to agree. So I thought I would create this here page to give you a quick run-down.

That’s me ^ up there ^ My name is Ryan Collings, but sometimes I’m Stanmore Phoenix. I have been passionate about music as long as I can remember & played in bands since I was 15. I’m currently a singer/songwriter/busker/blogger with a ‘Plastic Ono’ style interchangable band who I assemble & gig with from time-to-time.

During my music career I have seen highs and lows. I’ve been a forklift driver to pay the bills. (Although I prefer the term ‘pallette relocation technician’.) I’ve had a very expensive looking video clip screened on national TV for a a band I used to front: Karillion , but then I stupidly held back from re-recording the track at a pro studio & used the demo I did at home which I played all the instruments on complete with MIDI drums o_O oops.  I have recorded an album in Hollywood in studios owned by Jacky Jackson, Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory) & B-Real (Cypress Hill). I have had a short lived IT career as a sys-admin. I have played in many bands of various genres, none of which quite worked out for one reason or another.  I have worked as a mastering engineer at Sydneys premier mastering facility Turtlerock Mastering where I mastered records for the likes of Alex Lloyd & Jimmy Barnes. I’ve also done many things in-between (what kinda things you wonder? Just ask me)

I can tell you in all honesty that although each experience; Every sweet victory & every bitter defeat has been everything from wonderful to heart-breaking, exhilarating to boring, soul destroying & character building… Nothing has had quite the profound impact on my life as the discovery of  busking on the street (or anywhere else I can find a pitch with a cool vibe). The feeling of bringing your music direct to the people on the street is purely liberating. What’s more, I get paid to practise & hone my art, sell my CD’s & sign people up to my mailing list. What more could I ask for? I only got around to finally busking in mid-2009 just around a month before my job was killed by the global economy crisis. Finding no traditional work around I resorted to busking to pull in some coin & made the pleasant discovery that I could earn more than I did at my recently deceased job by busking about half the hours I had been working. I’m sure busking will be a topic I will blog about regularly so hopefully some of the lessons & experiences I have had will help some of you beautiful people.

Take some time to explore some of the links to along the right margin of the page under “Stanmore Phoenix Links” . Follow me on twitter, give my music a listen, fan me on facebook, leave me some feedback, join my mailing list, etc. Any or all of the above would be a great help & I am grateful for your generosity in your time & spirit. I dedicate so much of my being to my music, some people are really into it, you may just be one of them.

So there you have it, some of the real ABC’s of me.

Drop me a comment if you like, I’d be happy to hear about your ABC’s or share my D-Z’s if you catch my drift.

5 Responses to “A Brief Introduction”

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  2. really appreciate the introduction to your passion and career within music. it much reminds me of a song written by U2. I still haven’t found what i’m looking for. ( same concept ) I hope your journey takes you places and you meet a lot of interesting people along the way.

    your link to your new website is great and enjoyed it.

    if ever in Darwin try look up skinnyfish recording studio’s. in sturt park.
    alot of great and talented solo artists work from.

    look forward to hearing from you.

    • Thanks Jeremy, that is a cool track by U2. I remember from my karaoke days that the high note in the chorus is just a little high for me to hit comfortably. I intend to learn it to play with my acoustic but I think I’ll transpose it a little lower.

      I do intend to see more of Australia in the near future & the capital of each state (maybe not Tazzie) is on my must see list! I’ll try to remember to look up skinnyfish, tell me more about it sometime.

  3. I first heard you sing last Saturday night in the rain in King St. I wish I’d known you had a gig at 5 Eliza. My loss. I recognised the one song you sang in King St but couldn’t place. It’s been driving me nuts trying to place it (should’ve asked you today when I saw you). Anyway I thinkk I just got it – Wanderwall. Am I right.
    Distant beaches is pretty cool.
    I put some busker pix on the site that’s on my card. Any gigs coming up?

    • Hey Dave,

      The song was ‘Mad World’. Written by Tears For Fears but given a second lease on life by Gary Jules whos cover version was featured on the soundtrack to the film ‘Donnie Darko’. Here is a link to the Gary Jules version. The video clip is amazing & very appropriate. I’m just watching it for the first time now :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4N3N1MlvVc4

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