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A Precursor To A Journey

Posted in music with tags , , , , , on March 20, 2011 by stanmorephoenix

Can You Hear The Distant Beaches?

‘It’s been two years… Since I said I was leaving here, now It feels like I’ll never go.’

Those are the first few lyrics from the first verse of the demo I just uploaded after cutting a rough mix at home.

It’s funny how when you want to leave a place, there can be so many things that tie you to it.

I am planning an Australian & then European tour & have been for the past two years.

Some days it really gets to me that I haven’t left yet.

The song is called ‘distant beaches’.

Here is the MP3 – It would mean a lot to me if you shared the song with your friends if you enjoy it.

Here are the chords ‘n’ lyrics – I would love to hear your cover version or anything you want to say about this song or the subject matter.


– Stanmore