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Now Accepting Pre-Orders For My Debut Album

Posted in music with tags , , , , on September 10, 2011 by stanmorephoenix

Needs A Re-String o_O

I begin tracking my first ever full length album tomorrow 06/10/2011.

According to marketing experts I should give you the spiel about this fantastic opportunity I have for you. But fuck that, I’m just gonna be real with you, because that’s what I believe in when it comes down to it… The truth is that this IS a cool chance for you to take advantage of a limited offer & be a part of what I believe will be a very cool full length album, BUT it’s a two way street & you will be helping me in the process.

Bottom line: I need your help. This album is not going to pay for itself & I am not signed to any major label, I don’t have any financial backers. Just you, my listener, my fan, my family & friend. But I’m not asking for handouts, oh no, you will be getting something great in return for your contribution & what you get will depend on how much you choose to invest. Recording a full length album professionally is not cheap, but every bit of cash helps me make it that extra bit special. You will see from the pricing structure below that the prices are very reasonable & once the album is done, there will not be much profit made on these pre-sales, just extra money to fund the damn album!

Before I get into the pricing structure, let me ask you a quick question… Did you ever have a favourite band/artist & then one day they broke up/quit? How much does it suck? Well here is my promise to you: I will never quit. Regardless of bands I may join / create, I will always be a singer/songwriter, it’s in my blood. So make ME your favourite artist & we can evolve & grow old together :)

I have a PayPal account setup so all pre-orders will be invoiced & you can be sure there will be no funny business.

As if you wouldn't trust this face anyway though right?

Here is the price breakdown

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Creativity V Commercialism…

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I’m a musician, not an actor…

Do I have anything against actors?

No… What I do feel passionate about is the abundance of heartless musical garbage that clogs the airwaves. So many people singing songs that have very little substance or meaning, the singers sound like they are not even convincing themselves. & even worse, they aren’t even pretending to try their hand at a bit of originality.

Battles VS Backstreet Boys: Can they co-exist or will one beat the other senseless? I know which side I'm on (I did this myself with GIMP... Pretty terrrible but hey, I'm not a visual artist either... I'm a musician.)

I read this nice (succinct) article by Heather McDonald called ‘Creative versus Commercial’ on my iPhone while eating a solo Ramen dinner last Friday night & couldn’t help but throw my $0.02 in as a comment. Then I kinda surprised myself with how passionate I was about the whole thing. Anyways, as I have been making a conscious effort to start writing shorter blogs, I thought my comment would be the best place to start. Here it is. Don’t forget to checkout Heathers original article for a better perspective on the whole thing.

Here is my comment from Heathers blog:
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